Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the Waiheke Community Pool Incorporated to be held Thursday 23rd July at 7:00pm.  Meeting is to be held in the back room at Fenice Restaurant All members, prospective members and general public are invited to come and join 

Water Safety vs Learn to Swim

Waiheke Islanders are very lucky to be offered the Auckland-wide John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams lessons right here on the island. It’s a programme designed around water safety and ensuring that over the course of their primary school years, our children have enough training to keep themselves safe in water (eg float) and can…

Confirmation of Auckland City Council funding of $1.6 million towards Pool

Confirmation of Auckland City Council funding of $1.6 million towards the development of the $5 million project over the 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 financial years. This funding was confirmed at the November 2005 meeting of the Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee and subject to a number of matters including that the Committee secure financial support from…

Community needs assessment

The completion of a community needs assessment on the Island in December 2003. Key findings included the projected likelihood of use to be extremely high, and that key preferred activities included relaxation, lap swimming, aqua-aerobics and learn to swim. Waiheke High School Grounds was identified as the preferred site.