New Waiheke Swimming Pool – Survey

New Waiheke Community Pool

The Te Huruhi Community Pool is a collaboration between the Waiheke Pool Society, Te Huruhi Primary School and Swimgym – and of course, you, the community.

Together we are excited to be taking some steps towards an improved facility for the community. As you may know, our goal is a year-round heated indoor facility on Waiheke Island for the benefit of all sectors of the community.

We are hoping to realise that goal with plans to redevelop the Te Huruhi Community Pool with a larger, deeper pool facility that is heated and of course covered.

To help us on this journey, we invite you to review some of the preliminary concepts and help us in our decisions by completing the survey, which closes 7 June.

The Waiheke Community Pool Inc was established in 2014 to help lead community efforts in establishing a new indoor community swimming pool on Waiheke Island. Our goal is a year-round heated indoor facility on Waiheke Island for the benefit of all sectors of the community.

Concept Plan – Te Huruhi Community Pool

New Waiheke Community Pool 3DWaiheke Community Pool Inc is proposing a redeveloped Te Huruhi Community Pool to provide year-round, all-day community pool access. We believe this is an achievable and realistic medium-term option for a community pool. Some concept sketches are shown and detailed below.

We are seeking your input via a community survey, which will be open until 7 June. The new concept includes the following elements:

  • The existing pool will be widened to accommodate more lanes. This means squaring up the current “L” shaped pool to a full 10.5m wide and retaining its 25m length.
  • Pool depth will be increased to a gradual 1.2 to 1.8m gradient.
  • A separate learner pool of 10.5m x 8m x 900mm deep will be built.
  • The pool will be heated to approx. 27 degrees. The current heating system will be retained and extended with additional heat pumps.
  • The pool area will be covered with a retractable roof structure to enable year-round use.
  • Separate school and community changing facilities will be used, in the form of containers or prefab structures.
  • Separate community access will be via a path from the roadside and in between the Waiheke High and Te Huruhi Primary school boundaries.
  • Roadside parking will be available, except during school drop-off and pick-up times.

This proposal hasn’t been fully costed but is expected to cost between $2-3million. The facility will be funded through private sponsorship and community fundraising, assisted by the Waiheke Local Board.

Why is this needed?

Over the years there have been some tremendous fundraising efforts, as well as options for where and what a new indoor pool facility might look like.

In 2019, the Waiheke Local Board engaged Visitor Solutions to complete a feasibility study on three sites on Waiheke (Te Huruhi Primary School, Onetangi Sports Park and 6 Belgium St/7 Waitai Rd Ostend). The study found that while development of a community pool was technically feasible on all three sites investigated, development costs were in excess of $11m and unlikely to be fundable or supported by the Waiheke community.

While an Aquatic Centre of this magnitude would be fantastic for the community – and is still a long-term goal of the Waiheke Community Pool Inc – the capital and operating costs of a facility of this scope seem beyond what is currently achievable.

The existing outdoor Te Huruhi Community Pool is now heated and can be used by the public for around 6 months of the year. A redeveloped pool will allow the pool to be open year-round and throughout the day for public and school use.

Te Huruhi Community Pool Survey

We are asking for your input via the following survey. This will help us understand the current use of the pool and gain community feedback on the concept plan for a redeveloped and upgraded Te Huruhi Community Pool facility.

The survey will be formally presented to the Waiheke Local Board once completed. The survey will remain open until 7 June.


2019 – 2020 opening times

Having Fun

Attention Families!

The Te Huruhi Community Swimming Pool is OPEN this summer holiday break!

Daily Monday – Sunday between 12noon and 4pm.

Come on in and enjoy our clear, clean & heated waters. Bring your toys, towels and shade. $2 per child (up to 18 years), $4 per adult, or get a family pass for $7.50.

For further information, updates and the full summer schedule including Adult Lane Swimming and Summer holiday programmes; please check us out at:

We look forward to seeing you at the Pool this summer!

Water Safety vs Learn to Swim

Waiheke Islanders are very lucky to be offered the Auckland-wide John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams lessons right here on the island.

It’s a programme designed around water safety and ensuring that over the course of their primary school years, our children have enough training to keep themselves safe in water (eg float) and can swim short distances for help.

It’s possible we’re overprotective, but at the Te Huruhi Community Pool we are of the opinion that being on the island, we’d like our students to have every possible opportunity to learn. We want them to be safe and confident in the water (given we are surrounded by it!) and so have made sure that we still make available the additional holiday, after-school and weekend lessons we’ve been teaching over the last five years. 

The Learn to Swim classes are run with a lower teacher to child ratio, ensuring that your child gets all the attention they need, in order to progress.

Being able to do both sets of classes will accelerate your child’s learnings and help them reach their full potential as a swimmer.

We hope that we will be able to work with your child both in-school and outside of school hours.

Confirmation of Auckland City Council funding of $1.6 million towards Pool

Confirmation of Auckland City Council funding of $1.6 million towards the development of the $5 million project over the 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 financial years. This funding was confirmed at the November 2005 meeting of the Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee and subject to a number of matters including that the Committee secure financial support from the Ministry of Education. Funding was not forthcoming from the Ministry therefore the
project was not progressed further.