Te Huruhi Community Pool

The Te Huruhi Community Pool is a collaboration between the Waiheke Pool Society, Te Huruhi Primary School and Swimgym – and of course, you, the community.

The Te Huruhi Community Pool is open to the public for fun, fitness and swimming lessons. In addition, lessons will be given to all school children on the island through a free program called Find Your Field of Dreams.

Our schedule for confirmed sessions – to learn, have fun, get fit and compete – can be found on our Schedules page.

“Heated by You” was the fundraising campaign that raised sufficient funds in 2018 to heat the pool to an extent that children and fully grown adults no longer turned blue while in the water. The pool today is typically a balmy 28 degrees celsius since installation of the pool covers and solar pump. The newest equipment – the heat pump – was put through its paces as the temperatures dropped through the autumn of 2019, and passed with flying colours.

The History and Purpose of the Waiheke Pool Society is also available for reading. We always welcome new members to our Society, so please do check us out!