Become an annual ‘Member’ or simply a ‘Friend’ of the Waiheke Pool Society and help make a difference. Your membership fees will contribute to our target funding to ensure we continue developing programmes and creating opportunities for all the community to use the Te Huruhi Community Pool as often as possible, taking all practical steps to improve on the facility that we’ve got and continuing to work on the long term goal of an indoor aquatic facility for the community. 

Member benefits:

  • Receive regular, member only, updates about the progress of the pool project
  • Receive discounted rates on all entry fees to the pool throughout the season 
  • 20% off swim goggles at Out There Surf during the pool season 
  • Get notification of early bird pricing and offers for special events during the year
  • Invitation to special events and occasions
  • Be a core member of Waiheke’s biggest community project and help make a difference

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$30 per year

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Not sure if you want to become a Member or a Friend?

– Pool Society members are members of the incorporated society and are invited to (and expected) to attend annual general meetings and special general meetings – Friends of the Pool Society is the perfect option for those who want to take advantage of the member discounts but do not want the responsibilities that come with being a Pool Society member


A new Waiheke Community Pool Incorporated Society was formed on the 11th of April 2014 with a purpose of helping drive forward the plans for a new community swimming pool.

The purpose of the society:

  • To lead the community efforts in establishing a new indoor community swimming pool on Waiheke Island
  • Facilitate discussions between key partners for the effective design, development and construction of the pool
  • Play a leading role in representing the community’s views in relation to the new pool
  • Develop a business plan in conjunction with other partners, where applicable, for the effective construction and operation of the new pool
  • Develop and promote community fundraising initiatives and apply for funding on behalf of the pool
  • Promote swimming as a year round activity on Waiheke Island for the benefit of all sectors of the community

Meet the current members:

Nathan Musson – Chairperson
A keen swimmer in his youth, Nathan is now hoping to ensure the same opportunities exist for kids and the community on Waiheke. With three children involved in various sports on the Island, Nathan spreads his time between the Pool Society and the Waiheke Rugby Club; always wanting to ensure there is the chance for kids to participate in sport activities.
He has acted as Treasurer for the Waiheke Community Childcare and is currently Treasurer at the Waiheke Rugby Club. One of Nathan’s goals is to ensure that all children on the Island have access to swimming lessons, to help keep them safe in the water.

Emma Musson – Treasurer

Linda Anderson – Secretary
Linda is a passionate and avid ocean swimmer who has completed locally and internationally in challenging ocean swims. She has three daughters who all enjoy swimming activities and is committed to helping to develop swimming opportunities for all the community.

Tanya Russell
Tanya is a born and bred ‘Waiheke girl’ with a range of business and fundraising experiences; and a drive to move things on within the community. She is the Te Huruhi Community Pool Manager and takes pride in delivering a clean, safe and fun pool environment with a professional and friendly team. Her two children participate in swimming lessons and the Te Huruhi Pool and Tanya enjoys the Lane swimming options.

Rawinia Salmon
Rawinia is a professional swim coach and swimming lessons manager who commits hours of her time to help grow the swimming talent of young people on the island. In her spare time she runs the Waiheke Swim Club which has seen a new generation of children and teenagers compete in Auckland swimming leagues, pushing themselves to be the most competitive that they can be despite the limited pool resources available on the island. 

Alisa Allison
Alisa has lived on Waiheke since 2018 – after returning with her young family, after living overseas for many years. Alisa grew up swimming a lot both as a competitive swimmer and waterpolo player in Wellington. She joined the pool society with the intention to support the pool on the Island – both the one we have now and the hope for a covered one in the future, so that children in the Waiheke community are able to have the same access and opportunity to swim as she did. Alisa is now teaching Flippaball to years 4, 5, & 6 at the current pool.

Marisa Brugeyroux
Marisa, originally from Alberta in Canada, has now been on Waiheke for nearly 10 years.  Growing up, she spent a lot of time in and around swimming pools – as a competitive swimmer, water polo player, swim coach, lifeguard, and swim instructor.  A chance encounter at Te Huruhi pool led to her running the Adult Technique Focused Workouts and becoming a member of the Waiheke pool committee. She shares the Pool Society’s passion for having a covered, heated swimming pool on Waiheke that can be used by the community all year round.

Former Committee Members whom we would like to acknowledge:
Janet Vincent (former Treasurer)
Delyth Morgan-Coghlan (former Chairperson)                                                                                                                                                           
Amanda Wills
Vanessa Smith – Glintenkamp (former Secretary)
Ann Brown (former Secretary)
Becs Ballard (former Local Board Member)
Manuel Kahura
Francesca Elischer (former Client Side Design Manager)
Kate Sedgley
Jon O’ Hanlon
David Arnold
Brett McDonald

Would you like to become a committee member? We need you!

We are keen to hear from anyone in the community who would like to be considered for the pool project committee and feel they can provide support in the areas of administration, project management, business, fundraising, construction, sustainability and more.

These will all be voluntary positions where volunteers need to be able to commit some of their spare time to help move the project forward over the course of the next few years.

The committee sees its role as working in partnership with other key stakeholders, helping with the business planning, design and funding of a new pool.

We need a good range of professional skills and people with a can do attitude who are driven to do what’s best for the wider community.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project please email us

Do you have a passion for helping to get an indoor community pool for Waiheke Island? Can you help?

The AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the Waiheke Pool Society is an opportunity, once a year, to vote new officers onto the committee. It’s also an opportunity to look back on the last year and plan for the year ahead. As this project picks up steam we are looking for new people to join the committee to help us move this project on and reach our goals.

New society members can join at any time during the year and show their support or get involved with small projects that help towards the end goal.

We are looking for people with experience in all or some/ one of the following areas:

  • Provide general support according to each others experiences, strengths and areas of interest as required during the course of the year
  • Should have an interest in swimming OR experience in swimming, swim coaching, swim programs, sports administration or sports development
  • Should have experience in commercial development and construction
  • Should have experience in networking – developing relationships with key stakeholders and potential benefactors (a Mr or Mrs Well-connected!)
  • Should have experience in marketing and PR


  • All Committee members and Society members are volunteers.
  • Time commitment required varies according to your skills, experience and availability.
  • All committee members are required to attend and contribute to the committee meetings, held approximately every 6 weeks.

We welcome all new members and committee members!


    A huge ‘SHOUT OUT & Thank you!’ to some amazing supporters of the Waiheke Community Pool:

    Waiheke RSA – for generously sponsoring our Stunning Lifeguard Chair. Locally made by a very talented Stainless Steel expert – we had the benefit of working into the design an umbrella holder (to protect our lifeguards from the elements) and a drink bottle holder. Looking down and over the pool has provided added security to all our facility users and is a true asset for our current pool and future pool facility!

    Waiheke Bayleys – for sponsoring our banner, located at the beginning of Donald Bruce Road, advertising the Te Huruhi Community Pool OPEN – and the stand-up Flag located located at the Te Huruhi car park entrance  for pool users. Being able to clearly show where the pool is and how to enter has proved so valuable for pool users this season – Thank you to Mary Curnow and Mana Tahapehi for your continued support to the Waiheke Pool Society.

    Waiheke Homes – for supporting the youth of our island in our very successful start to Flippa Ball in January this year! Tobias and the team generously purchased our Flippaball Caps that are an integral piece of safety equipment for the game. The kids had such a blast and the interest to play was over whelming. We now have Flippa Ball on our Pool Schedule for Term 1 every Thursday and are looking to hold an on-island tournament late March! Thank you so much team – we look forward to keeping you up to date with the sports progress.

    Placemakers Waiheke & Dulux – for donating the range of paints we have had the pleasure of using in our Mural located on the Toilet Block wall. This art piece has been designed and painted by two of our very talented lifeguards – Sabina and Poppy. The mural was an idea to add colour and a talking piece to our facility to be enjoyed by all pool users; incorporating the sea creatures from Swimgym’s swimming classes to keep the fun connection between swimming lessons and pool use at all times for our tamariki!

    Blue Sky Trust – for our ‘long wished for’ – Pace Clock. This has been on our Squad swimmers ‘wish list’ for quite some years, and now the Lane swimmers are also benefiting. Training with a Pace Clock enhances the swimmers ambition to better themselves and their lap times encouraging more competitive swimming and maintaining lap times for fitness also. Thank you!


    The Te Huruhi Community Pool is open to the public for fun, fitness and swimming lessons. In addition, lessons are available to all school children on the island through a free program called Find Your Field of Dreams.

    The Te Huruhi Community Pool is a collaboration between the Waiheke Pool Society, Te Huruhi Primary School, Swimgym – and of course, you – the community.

    “Heated by You” was the fundraising campaign that raised sufficient funds in 2018 to heat the pool to an extent that children and fully grown adults no longer turned blue while in the water. The pool today is typically a balmy 28 degrees celcius since installation of the pool covers and solar pump. The newest equipment – the heat pump – was put through its paces as the temperatures dropped through the autumn of 2019, and passed with flying colours.

    The History and Purpose of the Waiheke Pool Society is also available for reading. We always welcome new members to our Society, so please do check us out!