Water Safety vs Learn to Swim

Waiheke Islanders are very lucky to be offered the Auckland-wide John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams lessons right here on the island.

It’s a programme designed around water safety and ensuring that over the course of their primary school years, our children have enough training to keep themselves safe in water (eg float) and can swim short distances for help.

It’s possible we’re overprotective, but at the Te Huruhi Community Pool we are of the opinion that being on the island, we’d like our students to have every possible opportunity to learn. We want them to be safe and confident in the water (given we are surrounded by it!) and so have made sure that we still make available the additional holiday, after-school and weekend lessons we’ve been teaching over the last five years. 

The Learn to Swim classes are run with a lower teacher to child ratio, ensuring that your child gets all the attention they need, in order to progress.

Being able to do both sets of classes will accelerate your child’s learnings and help them reach their full potential as a swimmer.

We hope that we will be able to work with your child both in-school and outside of school hours.

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