Swimming is a fun, low impact form of fitness that keeps your heart rate up, builds muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It is the perfect activity for all ages and abilities – and don’t forget…our pool is heated!

So when will you be coming down to swim some laps, improve your stroke or partake in an enjoyable Aqua Fit class?

We have the following Get Fit options for all ages:


Grab a friend, come on down at our scheduled times, find yourself a lane, start swimming and keep going for as long as feels good for you. All swimming abilities and ages welcome. $6 per session or become a member and receive the discounted rate of $50 for a ten-clip concession card. Pay onsite with cash or bank transfer.

Scheduled Lane Swimming Times

Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri (not available on Public/ Stat Holidays)7am – 8am
Saturdays7.30am – 8.45am

Entry Prices

10 clip member concession card$50


These workouts can accommodate all skill and ability levels so, whether you’re new to lane swimming, training for your next ocean swim or triathlon, or looking to improve your swimming technique, these workouts are for you! 

The sessions will focus on improving stroke technique, which will make us faster and more efficient swimmers. It’s also a great full body workout!

Term 4 of 2023 begins Sunday 29th October!

Interested? Not sure which class will suit you? Get in touch with Marisa today on 021 242 4497

Wednesday nights6:30pm – 7:30pm
Sunday mornings10:30am – 11:30am


Fixed day per week: Wed or Sunday (no swapping)$150
One day per week, flexible on which day (8 sessions)$175
Two days per week$275
For casuals (space permitting)$25


  • Maximum 12 spots per block (for swimmer comfort & expert coaching),
  • Minimum of 6 swimmers required to run each session
  • Blocks must be paid in full in advance
  • No refunds

AQUA FIT – every Monday from Nov 6th!

This class is a super-fun, aerobic class for all ages. Be sure to add it to your fitness schedule for the summer months! Aqua Fit is run by Waiheke Workout and all enquiries or bookings are to be made directly with the team at [email protected]

The magic of water! Water is 800x denser than air and is therefore a gentle environment to exercise in.

  1. Cardiovascular – because of its low impact and buoyancy, water allows you to work harder for longer.

  2. Muscle strength – the resistance the water creates allows you to safely do muscle strength exercises.

  3. Flexibility – Ranges of movement in your joints are greater in water and therefore relieve muscle and joint stiffness.

All other exercise benefits apply in water e.g lowers Blood pressure,  reduces stress and anxiety.  

PLEASE NOTE: There are no showers available at the community pool. Pool guard is present at all times during the class. Please inform the instructor prior to the class if you have any existing  medical conditions or an injury. 

Free for all Waiheke Workout Premium Members
$15 per class for Waiheke Workout Standard Members

10 visits OR for students/seniors$180 / $140
20 visits OR for students/seniors$340 / $260
Casual visit / Students & Seniors$20 / $15

For more information please contact the Waiheke Workout Team at [email protected]

Te Huruhi Community Pool RULES & POLICIES

Please Respect our staff, facilities & grounds at all times. Our Policies are put in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all swimmers and observers.

  • Children between the ages of five and ten years must be actively supervised by a caregiver over the age of 17.
  • Children under the age of five need to be actively supervised and within reach of a caregiver 17 years or over at all times, including in the water.
  • Our Lifeguard is on-site for your safety and protection. They are not child-minders
  • During Planned Scheduled Classes & Lessons – no other people may use the pool
  • Please leave the pool grounds as you found them, taking personal rubbish with you or use the bin provided
  • No Running, Walking on top of the pool edge or Rough play in or out of the pool
  • No Diving into our pool, it is not deep enough!
  • No Food or Drink allowed in the pool
  • Only suitable Swimwear may be worn in the pool, no clothing
  • No fluffy toys are permitted in the pool
  • No animals in the pool area – except for specially trained assistance dogs
  • No Glass or Plastic that can shatter is allowed on pool grounds
  • Water and Alcohol do not mix. There is to be No consumption of alcohol within the pool grounds and No person under the influence of alcohol may use the pool
  • Respect our water and do not use the pool if you have had diarrhoea in the past 2 weeks or another illness that is communicable by water
  • Swimmers that are not yet toilet trained must wear a swim diaper
  • Immuno-compromised individuals should use caution when using a Public Pool
  • All instructions given by the lifeguard must be adhered to.

Your understandings of our Policies are appreciated ~ we hope you enjoy our facilities.