Swimming Fitness with Coach Amanda

Who said all the swimming fun had to be for kids.

Even adults deserve to swim. And swimming your heart out is what we have to offer in the Swimming Fitness with Coach Amanda sessions.

There are three sessions a week:

  • Monday 7:15am
  • Wednesday 6:00pm
  • Thursday 7:15am

And being the Coach she is, she may well suggest that you do extra lane swimming between sessions. But it’s OK we have those too!

As Waiheke Islanders we are incredibly lucky to have someone of the calibre of  Coach Amanda to work with us. A national level swimmer herself, she learned her coaching skills from her father who over the course of his career in the UK took 25 swimmers to the Olympics. All of whom medalled.

So while the Olympics might not be on your list of possibilities right now, you can choose to improve the swimmer you are, and gain the benefits of swimming fitness.

You should be comfortable swimming a length of the pool freestyle to benefit from these sessions. Even if that length is a little ragged, and you have a little breather at the end, that’s fine. By the end of season you will not recognise yourself!

What will sessions include?

  • stroke technique
  • training drills
  • tips and more.

These Fitness sessions are only $35 for five sessions via pre-purchased concession cards -. These are available for sale during pool opening hours, or EFT-POS.

Our pool is 25m long and (thanks to the Heated by You fundraising campaign of 2018) heated to at least 26 degrees.

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