Questions & Answers

Why isn’t the Council paying for a Waiheke Pool?

Waiheke has a small population compared with other suburbs of Auckland and is considered a medium priority for an aquatic facility. Those communities who are a higher priority will most likely get a council facility first. Waiheke could wait decades for its turn.

Why doesn’t the school just repair the current outdoor pool?

The current pool has cracks in in and is uneconomic to repair. The current pool has a limited life span. We don’t know what this is and the school are doing everything they can to keep the pool open but the costs of repair and maintenance makes it harder each year.

Why isn’t the Ministry of Education paying for a new pool as part of the school rebuild?

Unfortunately the Ministry of Education no longer pays any of the costs of constructing pools.

Where is the money that was raised by the community and the last pool society

$102,000 which was raised by the community currently sits in the Pool Society bank account. It is in a term deposit account earning interest, which a promise made to the old Pool Society before it was disbanded that the money raised would only be used for a new indoor heated community pool.

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